Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project



Participated in the 6th FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair 2017

“The 6th Fukushima Renewable Energy Industrial Fair 2017” was held in the Big Palette Fukushima in Koriyama from November 8th to 9th in 2017. According to the announcement by the organizer, 6,985 people in total visited the venue in two days.

Fukushima Offshore Wind Consortium participated in this fair in order to introduce the world’s first offshore floating wind farm demonstration project broadly to people in and out of Japan. Approximately, 1,350 people visited the exhibition booth of the consortium in two days.

At the booth of the Fukushima offshore wind consortium, a large display showed movies of the construction record of the demonstration project and the power generation of the 2MW wind turbine. An advanced spar floater model with 5MW wind turbine and a real intermediate buoy with riser cable were exhibited as well. The 5MW wind turbine model consists of wind turbine, the upper hull, the lower hull and the mooring chains so that the visitors can understand the whole structure. They asked many questions on the performance of the wind turbines and the good performance of 2MW wind turbine enhanced the expectations toward the commercialization after this demonstration project.

Since the planning of the grid system and the substation based on “Fukushima New Energy Social Design” are being conducted, the number of exhibitors and visitors in the wind exhibition area increased comparing with last year, and the interest in wind industry in Fukushima prefecture seems to be growing.

Speech at the opening ceremony by Mr. Hata,
the Deputy-Governor of Fukushima

The visitors looking at the 5MW turbine model

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