Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project



The installation of “Fukushima Hamakaze” in the testing area

“Fukushima Hamakaze” equipped with 5MW wind turbine, the third facility in the Fukushima offshore wind farm demonstration project started towing from the Awajishima Sumoto offing for Fukushima site on July 2nd. Led by four tugboats from 6-8 km per hour, “Fukushima Hamakaze” left Wakayama off to the north of the Pacific Ocean via Miyakejima. After arriving in the testing area on July 10th and being fixed by six mooring chain, the installation was completed on July 20th.

“Fukushima Hamakaze” has the large scale wind turbine with 5MW. Adding “Fukushima Hamakaze” on “Fukushima Shimpuu” with 7MW and “Fukushima Mirai” with 2MW which are already under operation this project becomes the largest floating wind farm with 14MW in the world. The height from the sea surface to the rotor center is 86 meters, and the blade of wind turbine reaches 150 meters at the highest.

From now on, the riser cable to connect the floater with the marine cable will be installed and the test run of 5MW wind turbine will be conducted. The power generation is scheduled to start this Autumn.

Installation of “Fukushima Hamakaze” on site

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  • The University of Tokyo
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